Notice regarding the redomiciliation of Rorento

Currently Rorento N.V. is domiciled at Curacao, but the company will be redomiciled from Curaçao to Luxembourg. The move from Curaçao to Luxembourg shall take place via a so-called ‘change of corporate seat or domicile’. Rorento continues as a legal entity, although it will be subject to Luxembourg law after the transfer. The legal form of Rorento will be converted from an N.V. to a SICAV. As a result of this change of corporate seat or domicile, the name and the ISIN of the current shares of Rorento N.V. will change.

For the implementation of the redomiciliation a trade stop of one week will be implemented. Full details are given in the overviews below.

Change of Name and ISIN:
Current name: Rorento N.V.
New name: Rorento Class DH EUR
Current ISIN: ANN757371433
New ISIN: LU0934195610

Trade stop:
31 May 2013: Last opportunity to submit orders before the move (before 16:00 hours)
31 May 16:00 hour - 10 June 9:00 hour: Halt on trade instructions
3 June 2013: Execution of orders accepted before 16:00 hours on 31 May 2013
4 – 10 June :Stop of  trade executions
7 June 2013: Move of the portfolio of Rorento from Curaçao to Luxembourg
10 June 2013: Starting 9:00, first opportunity to submit orders after the move (in the Rorento DH EUR share class)
11 June 2013: Execution of orders accepted before 16:00 hours on 10 June 2013

Message details

Sub-group Funds
Issuer Rorento
Category Information
ISIN ANN757371433
Securities name Equity fund
Publication date May 27 2013