Inclusion in the AScX index per March 19, 2012

RoodMicrotec N.V. Included in Amsterdam Small Cap Index on Euronext.

Index Announcement

Issue date : Thursday 1 March 2012
Effective date : Monday 19 March 2012


Name ISIN Code
AEX NL0000000107
AMX NL0000249274
AScX NL0000249142


Annual review

Index Adjustment(s)

Changes in the compositions, see appendix;
Changes in the numbers of shares, preliminary figures in appendix;
Changes in the free float factors, preliminary figures in appendix;
Changes in the capping factors;
Changes in the divisors.


The compiler retains the right to change the published selection in case of mergers, take-overs, suspension or resumption of trading during the period before the effective date of the review.

Time table

After the close of markets on Wednesday 14 March 2012 the following data will be published for each index:

  • The final number of shares for each constituent;
  • The final free float percentage for each constituent;
  • The capping factor for each constituent.

After the close of business on Friday 16 March 2012, the new divisor of each index will be published.

Further information:
Philip Nijenhuis, CEO
Tel. +31 38 4215216, Fax: +31 38 4216410
Postal address:
RoodMicrotec N.V., PO Box 1042, 8001 BA Zwolle
Email: [email protected]

Message details

Sub-group Equities
Issuer RoodMicrotec
Category Information
ISIN NL0000440477
Securities name Ordinary shares
Publication date March 5 2012