SecuritiesInfo.com is the digital platform for corporate action notices by issuing institutions that operate in the Benelux countries. Publication via SecuritiesInfo.com entails the following benefits:

  • Broad scope:
    SecuritiesInfo.com has a very wide scope and a great variety of international users, ranging from private and institutional investors to custodians and asset managers.
  • Targeted communications with specific groups:
    SecuritiesInfo.com is a platform that has been specially developed for the publication of corporate action notices. Issuing institutions communicate efficiently through a single central digital source with holders of securities and with other professional parties.
  • Email alert service:
    Whenever an issuing institution publishes a notice on SecuritiesInfo.com, every user who has signed up to the platform (such as private and institutional investors, analysts, asset managers, custodians, journalists, or lawyers) automatically receives an email alert notifying them of the fact.
  • User-friendly website with historic database:
    The notices can be viewed by both registered and non-registered visitors. SecuritiesInfo posts recent publications in the news section, and every notice is retained. They can be easily located with the help of the search function.
  • Reliable and up to date:
    The information on the platform comes directly from issuing institutions and their advisors.
  • Short delivery times:
    If a notice is received before 20:00, SecuritiesInfo will publish it on the next working day at a time of the notifier’s own choosing.
  • Flexible publication options:
    If necessary, the notices can be published in more than one language. Appendices such as prospectuses, annual reports or AGM agendas can be added very easily. It is also possible to activate a flexible website filter if there is a legal requirement to this effect.
  • Sound, inexpensive:
    SecuritiesInfo.com helps you target your communications at specific groups, at competitive rates. Discounts apply in the event of multiple publications.